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Jimmy Swaggart singing "It's Beginning to Rain" during a July 1989 campmeeting.

Who We Are
Just as the scriptures make several mentions of the church that meets in house this little flock meets in individual homes and seek the direction of the Holy Spirit to guide our fellowship with the Almighty God. We understand that we are all brethren and submit first to the Good Shepherd of our souls, Jesus Christ, and secondly to one another. We see from the written WORD, which we believe to be the wholly inspired counsel of God, that the desire of God for humanity is to have a people who will learn to love Him with all their heart, with all their soul and with all their might and also to love their neighbors as themselves. Hence, we seek, as a people, to progressively decrease in ourselves individually that HE (Jesus Christ) might increase, knowing that HIS residence in a people is the hope of glory. There is more to our walk with God than has come to be acceptable. Consequently, our meetings have no other agenda than the single-minded desire that the Lord will meet with us and other brethren the world over with His Life and make us more into His likeness, His nature, His attributes and His image. And so, we ask for grace daily to walk in the Will of God and to endure His divine dealings in our lives.


Sunday fellowship: From 10:45 a.m.
Wednesday: From 7:45 p.m.